Synaesthesia Spa Treatment

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Our signature, 80 minute full-body massage

Synaesthesia Spa Treatment
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This treatment is available at the following Lush Spas: Bath, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London (Oxford Street) and Poole

A bespoke full body, multi-sensory massage to transform your state of mind.

"...The massage itself was out of this world!!! I have never felt so relaxed in my life. I didn't want the massage to end. That being said it wasn't a rushed or fast experience. It felt longer than 80 minutes, I kept expecting it to be nearly over and I was so wrong! The pressure is light to medium, and everything my therapist did felt perfect. I cannot fault this experience, and came out feeling like a new person..." - Haze.elizabeth

"...The whole treatment was bliss from start to finish, all the senses engaged and it is the most calm I have felt in a very long time. I will be back for certain!..." - on-impulse

"...The treatment itself was more than relaxing, the music was fabulous, the little touches were brilliant and the massage was meltingly fabulous. It really did play to the senses and I walked out floating on a very relaxed bubble! I would definitely recommend this and will be back again to experience some more...." - jamcculloch_686

What to expect...

SEE your menu of 11 options to choose from and select how you wish to feel.

HEAR a bespoke soundtrack interwoven with orchestral sound and bird song.

TASTE your fragrant tea, back in the spa kitchen to unwind.

FEEL a uniquely choreographed, medium pressure massage.

SMELL your tailored blend of essential oils.

Continue your journey at home with a complimentary exclusive massage and bubble bar stone.

Modesty Level

Level 3: Down to your underwear beneath cosy towels.

How To Book

Buy a voucher online.

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Call or email your preferred Spa to book.

Booking for more than one person?

A number of our Spas can accommodate treatments for two people to experience alongside each other. Please call or email your preferred Spa to discuss options.

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