Dream Time

Temple Balm

A temple balm to bring you down gently

Dream Time. A smudged swatch of thick, natural yellow balm. In front of it stands the cylindrical black packaged Temple Balm with a purple product sticker.
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A soporifically-scented balm that works hard to calm hardworking minds and promote relaxation. We blend comforting ginger with soothing sandalwood, lavender and jasmine to help you wind down before bed. For many years, it's been quietly available in our Spa shops. Then we thought why keep this goody for those customers lucky enough to live near a Lush Spa? Now you can enjoy comfort on the go whenever you need it, especially when winding down before bed.

Good for you and the planet:
Self-preserving: formulated to stay fresh, effective and safe to use without synthetic preservatives.

Contains chamomile blue oil with high contents of chamazulene and bisabolol. This precious oil is favoured in traditional use for its soothing properties on the skin and mood.

How to use:
Apply directly to your temples and breathe... take a restful moment before bedtime. Try popping a little on your pulse points before you snuggle down for a deep and restful sleep.



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