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Tangled Hair Spa Treatment

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    Clear your mind with this revitalising Japanese-inspired, 25-minute head treatment.

    What to expect…

    HEAR the soothing and uplifting soundscapes featuring a Shakuhachi bamboo flute and celebrated Japanese violinist Midori Komachi.

    FEEL a variety of firm techniques across the face, scalp, chest and arms to leave deeply refreshed, as if you've woken from a power nap.

    SMELL Stimulating mint scents at your temples.

    Modesty Level

    Level 1 - No undressing required.

    How To Book

    Buy a voucher online.

    Check our Spa FAQ and policies for more information.

    Call or email your preferred Spa to book.

    Booking for more than one person?

    A number of our Spas can accommodate treatments for two people to experience alongside each other. Please call or email your preferred Spa to discuss options.

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