A hand holds the Mermaid Tail in purple water. All that is visible is the blue fin with bubbles forming on the surface.

Mermaid Tail

Bubble Bar

Softening lemon-grapefruit foam

Mermaid Tail Bubble Bar. Shaped like a purple and blue swirled fish tail with a blue fin at the top.
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The human world is a mess. Get away from it all with our undersea wonder, Mermaid Tail. This two-in-one bathing buddy combines a softening, silky bath oil with one of our classic bubble bars. Choose your own adventure: snap off the top for a dreamy, creamy bath to soothe dry skin and tired limbs; crumble the base beneath running water for sky-high bubbles; or combine them together for buttery, bubbly bliss. Meanwhile, the sweet citrusy scents of lemon myrtle and grapefruit oils will boost your mood, and a dose of heady ylang ylang will keep you grounded. Made in Canada.

How to use

Crumble under running warm water as you fill the tub for mountains of fluffy, fragrant bubbles.

How to store:

Keep bubble bars fresh and dry in one of our product holders, a big glass jar or anything else that keeps them away from water.


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