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Naked Mascara

Perfectly pink depths

A Solid cylindrical block of pink mascara next to three different style mascara spoolie brushes.
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Vegan Society

When it comes to makeup, mascara is a must-have. That's why we've designed an innovative product that epitomizes our values from the complete lack of plastic packaging, to the nourishing, vegan ingredients like candelilla wax, which coats the lashes with a protective layer, distributes pigment evenly and helps the product stay in place. Included are three wands, one thick wand to add thickness and volume, a one-sided comb for definition, and a wand with a circular end to separate lashes.


- Eco-friendly and zero plastic waste

- Vegan and cruelty-free

- Includes three wands

Environmental benefit: The wands which have been made exclusively for Lush from non-toxic polypropylene, and feature non-plastic, bio-based eco-flex heads designed for smoother application.

How to Use: Hold your chosen naked mascara with clean, dry fingers. Lightly wet the tip of the brush and place into the mascara shape using very minimal water. Rub the brush around the inside of the product in circular motions, making sure there is enough product coating the brush. Brush through lashes, just as you would with any other mascara.

How to Store: When you’re done, rinse the brush thoroughly and leave it to air dry. Shake your naked mascara to remove any remaining water and leave it to dry.Pop your wand in the insert part of the box and leave to dry.

Fighting animal testing

We have been fighting against animal testing since before we opened our first shop, and the fight continues today. We test products on humans and promote, fund and use human biology relevant testing methods entirely animal and animal-product free. Find out more

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