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Bath Bomb

Show your colours

Somewhere. A fun bath bomb, topped with pink but visible layers is shaped like the classic arched rainbow complete with fluffy white clouds.
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Everyone has their own colors, watch them burst joyfully over clouds with this mood-boosting bath bomb. Coconut milk powder softens and soothes your skin as bergamot, Sicilian red mandarin and lemon oils cascade around you creating a sweet, fruity, pineapple-scented pastel rainbow. Cheerful popping candy is sprinkled in, making for a merry time in the tub.

Made in Canada


- Popping candy adds some crackle, sizzle and fun to your bath

- Coconut milk powder is milky and soothing on the skin

- Part of our World Bath Bomb Day collection

- Proudly packaging-free

How to use: Showcase your colors in the tub by placing this rainbow in warm bathwater before easing yourself in and allowing the pastel hues to fizz around you.

How to store: This rainbow needs to stay somewhere cool and dry before bathtime.

Smells Like: The Olive Branch; a warm Mediterranean orange grove



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